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Bonnie and "Clyde"
Montana and "Comanche"

“All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he’ll listen to me any day.”
~ Unknown
We encourage everyone to wear riding helmets especially children. These pictures were sent to us from their homes by their parents and we have no control over wether or not they wear them or not.
La'Kia and "Chubby"
I came to Gittins just to 'look' at Cherokee and was hooked! I've always dreamed of having a Lineback Dun and he is everything I've ever wanted in a horse. He not only has beauty and conformation, but is gentle and tries to please. As you can see from the picture, his favorite pastime is grazing. When we moved to Abilene, he was the first one to hop in the trailer. He is everything that Doug said he would be. Dealing with Doug was a great experience. He was so honest with us and truly cared about what type of horse we were looking for. I'm not afraid to put anyone on Cherokee (even my 5 year old granddaughters) because he's 'bomb-proof.' With Doug's help, we were able to "Git" the right horse for us. We would highly recommend him and hope to find another 'perfect horse' again in the future.

P.S. I've been offered 3 times what I purchased him for on numerous occasions, but to me, he is priceless
>> W.T. & Becky Crider
>> Abilene, Texas

Hi Laura,
Just taking a peek at y'alls website. I check it out all the time. I especially like that golden palomino you got pictured on your web page ad! LOL
I'm talking bout my guy Pops
He and I are getting along great. I got a used horse trailer so now I can take him places. I've also been working part time for a lady that has an Equine Wellness and Therapy center outside Tomball. I'm learning a lot from her and been riding Pops. I'll stop by and say hey sometime. Take care & Thanks again for finding Pops for me.
- Rhonda
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Hi Doug,
I just wanted to let y'all know that the mare that I purchased is working out great. She is everything I thought she would be and more. I can just go fetch her and ride her bareback on the streets, through the woods, or across the highway. I started calling her Spaz because that's just what she is. The occasional walking into a tree without paying attention when I go out to mess with her got her this name. :)  I haven't had any problems with her at all. I have told all of my horse friends that if they need a good horse to come to y'all. One day when I need another addition I sure will come back.
Thanks a bunch,
Hello Doug and Laura,
Thank you so much for Comanche we just love him! Here is a picture of him with Montana and if you look in the back ground her retired paint is grazing. This picture was so special to us and we wanted to share it with you.
           Thank you,
       The Sizemore's
Update 2-23-12
I don't know if you remember us but we bought a red and white paint gelding from yall in 2011 named Comanche. I thought yall might enjoy these videos of him. This is my daughter riding him on barrels and poles now. We adore him. he has been just an awesome replacement for her old horse. He has so much speed and looooves his job. He is already running seventeen's on the barrels and twenty threes on poles and we are just getting started! I just thought might enjoy knowing that he has a good home and is doing wonderful and we love him so much!!        
  God bless!
           Lacy sizemore

We purchased two horses from you last year and wanted to update you on them. Sydney was the best purchase ever…. She was for my daughter and has turned out to be a real sweet horse for my 11 year old.  Jazmin just loves her and can play with her and Sydney has the best personality.  Sydney stands for hours and lets Jazmin braid her hair.  They are quite the pair!!! 

King is well, he has begun to be a bit calmer and less afraid of everyone.  He was very skiddish at first but has defiantely calmed down.  He has started roping lately and he is doing a great job, learning to head on steers.  The trainer who is working with him took him to a local ropping a few weeks back and won 2nd place on him!!  He still has a long way to go but is doing very well here with the other 5 horses. 
Hello Doug & Laura,

I purchased Chubby from you and I am sooooo pleased with him. He is a great horse and just a perfect fit for me. I would recommend your horses to anybody who ask about Chubby. I get plenty compliments about Chubby and I just wanted you to know he is doing great and I love him. Thanks so much!

Best regards,
La'Kia Lazard

We purchased two horses from Doug & Laura several weeks ago.
  We are still adjusting to horse ownership but the Gittins made it so much easier based on their knowledge and honest recommendations for us.   The first horse we purchased for our 14 year old daughter did not work out (nice horse but needed a more experienced rider) and Doug immediately went to work to find her the right horse.  Within 3-4 days, we had new horses to consider and ended up buying two!  We could not have been more pleased.
We trust the Gittins and have great respect for them as individuals and as knowledgeable horse people.  Both Doug & Laura have answered countless questions and been very helpful in this new endeavor.  We would recommend them to anyone.
They transported our horses on Good Friday and made the transition very smooth for everyone.
It is our hope that we eventually get a 3rd horse and we know we will purchase it from Doug.   If you visit their place and consider their horses, we know you will "git" that feeling that we did -- good, honest people who have you and your new horse's best interest at heart.
Thanks SO much to Doug & Laura for our two new best friends, Canyon & Paisley. 
Tim, Shannon, Cassidy & Zachary  (Humble, TX)
I came to Gittins horses in order to find my 7 yr old daughter a horse. We tried three of the horses he had available and she fell in love with Clyde. He has been at our house for 3 days and she has ridden him every single day. On Sunday she got on him while he was eating and he just stood there. They ended up walking around his paddock and he trotted with them on him with no bridle, halter or saddle. She fell off and he SIDESTEPPED to avoid stepping on her. Then he stopped and looked at her like "What are you doing down there?". She of course got up and got right back on. He is so gentle she has been riding him with just a rope halter and lead with her saddle. I would recommend anyone looking for a good quality horse with a good temperament go to Mr. Gittins. He is a very kind man and his wife (Laura) was a joy to speak with when they delivered Clyde. Such great folks and honest which is not common in the horse business. Anyone who asks me where to get a horse I will be sending them your way. I have had a few complements on Clyde already and one lady who was looking for a new addition I told her to come your way.
  -Jessica Parker and Bonnie
Hi Doug and Laura!
I wanted to let you know how much we love Joey!  He is exactly what you said he was, and he fits into our family perfectly.  Everyone at our barn is impressed with his sweet face and loving personality.  I'm so glad we found him, and you were both such a pleasure to deal with - finding solid, honest people is not as easy as it used to be!  I'll definitely recommend you highly to anyone who asks, and if we're in the market again, we'll certainly be calling you first!
Thanks for everything, and God bless you both!
Lori Tucker
Jake on "Joey"  with Lori
I bought a horse named Cefis (I renamed Sovereign :-) last summer from Doug scared out of my mind thinking 'This is gonna be a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ride' Hahaha trying to boost my confidence a bit! My aunt, who was with me, fell in love with him before he even left his stall, and convinced me to test ride him.
He was everything I was told he was! Gentle giant! He has definitely been a long way from where he began. I've had him for a year now and were fixing to show in endurance and jumping! He came from being a dark quiet vacuum sealed  afraid horse who thought he was useless and had no confidence in himself to a beautiful shiny klutz who loves attention and does nothing better than showing off and pleasing me! Thanks Doug, I looked at tons of horses before I came to your barn!  And thanks Jenny for everything!!!! I wouldn't even have gotten this far without you!!
~Kayla Clevenger

Update 4/17/2013
Before known as Cefus, Sov or Sovereign, is doing sooo well. He has filled out so much and looks better and better every day. He is such a blessing, if I had ever had to give him up or lose him, after an emotinal breakdown and having to be on 24 hour watch I would have to give up riding! He has the best personality, and sure kicks butt in what he does! He is all round! Hunters, jumpers, barrels.... He does it all! He is definitly not the same horse he was when I left with him 2 years ago, has DEFNITLY shown his personality, a crazy, fun, SPUNK! The trust we have in eachother is UNREAL! Hes in alot of my mobile uploads if you wanna see an update! Definitly a keeper!
~Kayla Clevenger

Update  1/14/14 *NEW PICTURES*
Sov (Cefus) the coolest horse ever! Couldn't thank you enough !
Doug & Laura,
  We just wanted to send you a note with some pictures. We want to let you know that we did "Git the right one" Dually is an awesome, pretty, chestnut sorrel boy. He is perfect for us! Been on him several times and he is so well behaved. He seems to enjoy the company of our mare, and also likes the horse next door. Its nice to have him walk up to us in the pasture too. We have gotten so fond of him in just two weeks.So, thank you for helping us, we know you wanted him to have a good home as you hope for all your horses. Thank you again for your time, patience, and working with us~~
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hill on Dually and Thier Paint Mare
Dear Doug & Laura,
We adore Buddy (aka Kentucky Wild Cat). He is the best horse in the world. He has won many barrel races, won money (He also won 1st place 2D barrel event), and has won a head stall and breast collar. His best time is 17.8.  We have also taken many him on many trail rides. He isn't scared of anything. He is the greatest horse on earth! I wouldn't trade him for the universe. Thanks soooooooooo much for Buddy, he's the best.
Love Always,
  Feb. 2014 Update
Kassidy and Buddy's fastest time is now 16.230 They have qualified 1D and won 2D, and they won a saddle at The
Suburban Ranches Riding Club 2012/2013 series

March 2014 Update:
Ist place at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
APHA Speed Events Youth, 18 and Under, Barrel Race.
Way to go Kass and Buddy!!!!
Kassidy and "Buddy"
Boomer is a great horse, I defiantly got "the right one". He's going elk hunting with me in 2 weeks.
Thanks for such a nice horse.
- Mark Mattman
Update:  He did great!
Testimonial: You can feels safe and assured that any of Gittin's Horses will take care of your family under saddle. Here is one of Gittins' horses and me on day two together...bareback, bridleless and nothing but a neck rope....she is sound, healthy, great coat and feet, safe as the day is long, goes out alone no problems, nothing bothers her (traffic, rushing barking dogs, kids on bikes, flapping tarps, etc) and is a love bug. These folks put lots of loving tender care into their horses and it shows!
I  and Gittins Horse always recommend that everyone ride with helmets...and I didn't have one on when this was taken.. so my bad! LOL!
Happy Trails
-Megan  Gist, M.A
Equestrian Explorer/ Circuit Pastoral Counselor
Feb. 2013
Buffalo Moon Expedition 2013
Megan and "Serenity"
"Canyon" and Cassidy              "Paisley" and Shannon
I came to Doug and Laura's a couple of months ago  in search of the perfect horse for me. This being my first horse, I needed one who was going to be patient with me and forgiving through my learning process! My first choice with them didn't’ quite work out but a week later , “Sugar” whom I have since renamed Bentley, was available. The Gittins were so very kind and understanding about me wanting the right horse! In just the short period of time of having him, Bentley has already shown his ability to be so patient with me and has helped me so much with my confidence! He is a BIG sweetheart and has already completely stolen my heart. He’s literally a dream come true and I could not be more happy. Thank you Doug and Laura for finding me Bentley and for making the whole process a pleasant one. God Bless!
Jennifer Harrell
Jennifer and "Bentley"
Hey y'all-
I love My Sugar Baby!!!! She is a great girl and so much fun to ride, I have renamed her Brick......BC she's built like a brick house. Here are a few pics of I love her so much, took her to the beach had a great time, she must have worked cattle before BC she can spot a cow from 100 miles away. I am currently only riding her bareback and we have been having a great time. Thanks again!
Ryan Baggett Dietrich
Ryan And "Brick" aka My Sugar Baby

Doug & Laura,
Before I came to see y'all I had been having a hard time finding the right palomino... But I knew the moment I saw Willow, I call her Honey now, she was the horse for me. Then whenever I rode her I fell even more in love with her. She's everything I'ver ever dreamed of. I've only had her a few months and I absolutely love her, I wouldn't trade her for anything. She fits in perfect with my herd. I just wanted to thank y'all for helpin me find her. Y'all are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. Anytime someone asks me where is the the best place to buy a horse, I always tell them The Gittins! (:
~Tiffany Gordon
Tiffany and "Honey"
Hi Laura and Doug,

We Wanted to let you know that we really love our horse we got from you.
You called her Peaches and we call her Dusty.
She is a sweetheart !!!  She just fit right in with the rest of our horses. She loves Jim and visa versa !!! Thought I would send you a picture of them !!
Thanks again,
Jim and Lana Henry
  June 2013
UPDATE: We found out Mr. Jim has past away of natural causes, Rest in Peace Mr. Jim, we enjoyed meeting you.
Jim And "Dusty"

Hi Laura!

I did look at your website and I'm very impressed!  I'd call you if I lived in your area and was horse shopping! You do bring up some good points. We know that not all horse traders are bad news, and we're hoping that the information on horsetradertricks.com will help the honest dealers like yourselves by putting the bad ones out of business.

Best of luck,
Sandy Scott
Horse Trader Tricks.com
11:08 AM Feb 24, 2012

Hey Y'all,
You sold this Guy (Mistletoe) to me a few months ago. Just wanted to say thank you soo much. He is such an awesome horse. He is on the right track to becoming the perfect roping horse. I absolutely love this guy. If anybody is looking to purchase a horse I highly recommend Gittins Horses!
~Courtney Eldridge
June '13
Hi Doug and Laura-

Just a note to update you on Valentine and "LM Free Spirit Whiz".

Both are doing exceptional, and spent this last weekend playing their first 4 goal finals at the Houston Polo Club. They have worked cattle, given lessons and played polo for myself, Bryan, his 6 year old son and. 13 year old nephew. They've been more than we ever could have hoped for! Thanks so much!!

Danika Rice & Bryan, Jackson,and Lee
Note: These Horses Where Purchased Over A Year Ago, But We Just Got The Pics And The Update Sept. 2013
"LM Free Spirit Whiz"
Hi Gittins Family,

Just thought we'd send you an update. Here is a photo of Pehrs and Bubba, who we now call Tank!
They are currently in second place in their age group at a local Buckle series for playday events and doing great.
Pehrs Loves Bubba/Tank! And he really takes care of Pehrsson. They are a great match! Pehrsson says he loves Tank, and thinks Tank is so good to him, and he thinks he's the best horse he's ever had!
I don't have any photos of me and Picante..new name Tebow but he and I are doing well and getting to know each other also, when i'm not wrangling my boys.
Thank you for you helping us!

The Vaughans
Oct. 17, 2013

Hi Doug and Laura,
We purchased Topaz (Apollo) from you almost one year ago. Best decision ever. He is the perfect best friend my eleven year old daughter (Madison) could have ever asked for!!! They play and compete together. He really has such a can do attitude and will do anything she asks him to. Very special bond. He is such a joy to own and we get complimented on him all the time because he is such a mild natured horse. They go out on trails bareback with only a halter and lead rope sometimes!! Thanks so much for doing what you do.
We love him. 
Patti Sears
Madison and "Topaz"
Pehrs and "Tank"

We bought "Cowboys Red Rat" from you guys about 4 months ago (We now call him Eli). Just wanted to let y'all know that he has truly become part of the family! He is a great pleasure riding horse and loves attention. We are so glad that we found y'all and appreciate your honesty with all of the horses we looked at. I think we definitely found a keeper!

Thanks again,
The Christensen's, The Rafferty's, And Eli
Nov. 16, 20013
"Black Cloud" and Tommy Duke
This big black and white paint (Black Cloud) is just awesome. Where to start? Halters, loads, takes the bit, up hills, down ravines, over downed trees, through water, creeks, trail rides in the woods with other wildlife, trail rides on the roads with cars, trucks motorcycles etc. I have had several horses in my life and he is the best I’ve ever had. Only one appendix quarter horse came close to being like him. We have just hooked up and really taken to each other and helped each other out. Thanks

Thomas H. (Tommy) Duke
Gittins Horses is truly a one stop shop! I am even comfortable to purchase a "Gittins" horse, sight unseen, just from the pictures and profiles listed on his site, what you see is what you get! If you visit his stables to make a purchase, you will know what I mean!! When someone is horse shopping, if they ask me where they should look, I always say, go to Gittins, he is the ONLY one I recommend. As my recommendation is also a reflection on my ability to make a good choice. As a fellow horse lover, I'm sure that at one time or another, you have probably made the same mistakes I have made in the past, when buying a horse; such as seeing a horse that you think at the time, is the right horse for you, only to soon discover, it was not!!! To many horse dealers, trick you, when they know you are on your way, to have a look at what THEY want to sell to you! You arrive to find the horse is already saddled, and usually tired, and sometimes, also in a full sweat. Surprise, you generally discover that once you get the horse home, it is not the horse you thought you bought. It may take a lot of unnecessary time to saddle up and ride, if you can! You  may discover that the horse you bought, has a totally different personality, usually not to your liking, along with many other undesirable issues, I could go on about this, but I bet you have already been in this situation , it's common to find that what you have got, is not the same horse you bought, because it is tired and submissive, before you ever get there to see it! This is NOT the case with Gittins Horses, they are not hot, tired, or saddled when you go for a visit, their personality is not altered by these easy tricks!! Out of all the horses I have purchased in my life, I can say that my  past mistakes are over now, thanks to the honesty and trust I have witnessed with Doug. I had purchased one horse from Gittin's, and was so happy that the horse was everything he said it was, that I ended up going back and got a second horse!! Thank you so much, you have made me a true believer in your quality horses!! Just look at my wonderful boys!! You can check out more pictures on my Facebook page>  Desiree Regnier
Feb. 4, 2014
Desiree and "Thunder"
(Purchased March 2012)
(Purchased May 2012)
Purchasing a horse is such a big decision and can be stressful trying to get the best one, the right one for your child!  Doug made this decision easier by guiding us in our search by knowing his horses and representing them correctly and honestly.  He truly has both the horse and riders best interest at heart. 
We have had Dashing Tipper (Tipper) for 3 months and couldn't be happier!   He is not only beautiful but talented and has a great personality!  Tipper is everything he was advertized and that we hoped he would be.   He is a great all around horse and is doing play days & drill team.  Most important is that he is the best friend a little girl could ask for! 

Thank you Doug & Laura, it was a pleasure!

The Jackson family
Jordan and "Tipper"
Jazmin and "Sydney"
Hi Doug and Laura!
I wanted to thank you both and give you an update on Broadway. I purchased him almost 4 1/2 months ago... He is just awesome! I started him in English jumping and he has caught on amazingly well. We've participated in 4 shows this season and earned the overall season title of Reserve Champion in the Adult Beginner division! I can't wait to see how we do next season!!
We are now training to learn the barrel pattern and hopefully we will excel in the western discipline as well. :)
I have been so blessed by this horse. He is so kind, calm and patient... The perfect fit for me. When someone asks where I found my sweet guy, I always tell them
"go to Gittins!"
Thank you for all of your support helping me find my perfect horse! I am forever thankful!
Take care,
Megan Shuman and Broadway
December 3, 2015
Miller is the best horse any one could ever have!!! He does anything I have ever asked him to do. I have rode him Western, English, and bareback with just a lead rope around his neck, he does it all. He is the PERFECT horse for me!!!! We've done 2 foot jumps, trail riding in the woods, pleasure riding down the streets in my neighborhood and he is perfect.  I love him so much I couldn't of got a better blessing in my life  thanks
Doug & Laura
Love Always,
Destiny Fernandez
Laura & Doug,

We bought Topaz from you guys less than 90 days ago. Since then he and his little rider have won their first buckle! He has performed in drill team, done Western Pleasure, reining events, trail events, barrels, poles, and goat tying. This horse has an awesome & willing demeanor, not to mention patient with his rider who is still learning! He is proving to be a great all-around horse for our daughter. Thank you and we recommend your horses/services to others looking for a good horse.

Thank You,
The Dodd Family
Aug. 2015
Jalyn and "Topaz"
Destiny and "Miller"
Hi guys!! Just wanted to let u know that Pi the bald faced gelding I bought from you (6 months ago), whose new name is Jojo, is doing super! We're a perfect match. He carries me safely down trails & is super catty & quick on cattle at team penning. We're having a blast together. Thanks for taking the time & helping me find a great all around horse!!
Jeanne Jefferys Hahn
Update: 1/4/16
The day Gary bought Winston!! (2 years ago today)Little did we know what a kick butt team penning horse & sorting horse
he would be! Several buckles, trophies & a saddle in penning & money in sorting!!
Thanks Laura  & Doug Gittins!!!
Gary and "Winston"
Jeanne and "Jojo"
Megan And "Broadway"

Thunderbolt and Kuma
"Levi" and Rebecca
Just want to thank you for the Liver Chestnut horse (Toffee), aka Levi I got from you! (About a month,-6 weeks ago) I have rode him carrying a flag in a Grand Entry and rode him in a parade. He did great! Thank you so much! If you only knew how many I've gone through to get the right one for me, only to have them turn out NOT to be what they were represented to be! You deserve the best testimonial possible. You stuck with me til we got it right! I can't thank you enough.
It's such a pleasure to do business with honest people! Thank you!
~Rebecca Peterson

We bought liver chestnut (Toffee) we call him Levi for my wife, who is a Gregg County Deputy, we are from Kilgore Tx. Thank you so much for having patience with us. He is great so quite in parades and loves Grand Entries, he prances to music carrying the flag, she loves him!
Thanks a million!
~Don Peterson
July 3, 2016

*This is another first,
I got two testimonials on the same horse, from the same family at the same time, LOL.
~Gittins Horses
This a first!! ~A second testimonial for the same horse, from a new owner.
The previous owner called us when they had to sell their beloved horses (They had them several years, and we bought them back), because they new we would find them the perfect home, and that they would be well cared for, and that we would find the best person to love them.
~Gittins Horses