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Gillian and Deisel

All horses Guaranteedby Doug Gittins (owner)

 All horses are sold with a signed contract
vaciation, farrier, and deworming records,
 and with current negative coggins, 
and all registration papers they might have. 
We welcome pre-purchase Vet checks and drug screens on all of our horses, at the buyer expense.

 We also give each horse a Strangles vaccine 
(Streptococcus Equi Strep vax II) and a Flu/Rhino Vaccine (Fluvac Innovator EHV-4/1) that  includes EHV-1, EHV-4, type A2 equine influenza/Kentucky 97 influenza, all that is passed from horse to horse 
(or equivalent)

We also recommend you give your horse/s
an East/West Nile Vaccine, and a Venezuelan/Eastern/Western Encephalitis, and a Tetanus (VEWT) Vaccine (these can be purchased from your Veterinarian or local
feed store and administered yourself). 
And as with every pet we highly recommend a Rabies Vaccine, this should only be administered by a Veterinarian.
 (Yes horses can get Rabies)

*30 day Guarantee!!!
 If for any reason, you don't like the horse/s we will TRADE 
you another horse/s of EQUAL value. 
There is Absolutely
no money EVER given back,
 and all horses returned must be in the same
(or better) condition as when they left.

Sorry but we do NOT offer payment plans on any of our horses. And ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE TRADE IN'S.  All sales are to be paid in full before the time the horse leaves our barn. 
And every horse is for sale until sold. 
(Paid For, and with  A Signed Contract)

Sorry, No *Holds/No Deposits. 
First Come/First Serve.
*We will hold a horse 
for a pre-purcase exam as long 
as it's done within 3 days, the appointment 
with your vet has to be made immediately (that day).
If you can't make the vet appointment because it's the weekend, a holiday, or after hours,the horse will still be for sale until the appointment is made. 
We can deliver!!! Local to SE Texas Only!!! 
 (Within 70 Miles Of Our Barn)
 Fee negotiable (usually just gas $$)

Doug has been in the business of horses for more than 40 years from rodeo to the racetrack. He has been buying and selling horses his whole life, from his childhood, with his dad, until now, with his partner, true love, and wife Laura. 
Doug's dad has was an inspiration to him and
 instilled in him life lesson's like; 
"Be as honest as you can, whether you're a banker, a grocer or a horse broker, always be honest and you'll be successful", and " The harder you work, the luckier you get".
And Doug truly tries to live by his words of wisdom.
Please call for Doug for more info 

We feed our horses 1 to 2 scoops (1 scoop = 3 qrt.) of 
M-G 12-8 pellets(12% protein-8% fat) twice daily , 
 *unless otherwise noted
1 oz. flaxseed oil per day,  
and all the coastal hay they can eat.  
We strive to keep our horses fat and healthy, and  we work closely with our Veterinarian's at (Collier Equine Vet Services) to insure this.  If you do see a thin horse at our barn, he/she came that way and won't stay that way for long. 
One of the most asked questions is, "Why do all your descriptions say almost the same thing?" Easy- We have a specific "mold"  that all of our horses HAVE to fit in to, or we do not standby or represent them.
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Call Doug or Laura at 832-374-1164, no phone text excepted 
Or E-Mail Us At
Gillian and "Spot"
email me
Click envelope below to send us a text 
e-mail or for pictures and attachments send them to
We are still compiling a testimonials page.
      *Please call with your questions about our              horses, email Laura our our website.
                              ~Thank You
What To Expect When You Come Out To Our Barn

  • You check out the horse/horses first without tack, you can inspect them, watch them walk etc...
  • Doug will saddle and bridle the horse you want to see first
  • Doug will ride the horses first, in the round pen to show you how the horse rides
  • Then you and/or your family can ride first in the round pen (so we can see how you ride)
  • Then if your comfortable with the horse and we are comfortable with you, you can ride where ever you want, we have a 3 acre pasture and access to 60 acres 
  • Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for riding and we recommend blue jeans, boots and riding helmets/hard hats (especially for kids ) 
  • We don't want anyone to be put in any danger especially children
  • SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT   EVER ACCECPTABLE RIDING ATTARE  (we don't care who you think you are)
  • You are welcome to bring your own saddle (in good repair) and bridle as long as it's not too severe in the bit and it's in good condition
  • And please if you need another person(s) opinion as in a trainer, spouse, parent, child, friend etc. to make the decision on whether to buy or not.  Please bring them with you on the first day you plan to ride the horse(s) or you can just come and look. (Our time is valuable too)

  • And remember there is no such thing as a "bomb proof" horse 

Our Barn, Our Rules!!
A wise man once said "All dogs can bite and all horses can kick."

If you want to keep a child out of  trouble, 
   get them a horse.      ~Winston Churchill

A good horse is worth more than riches. 
    ~Spanish Proverb

          Gillian and "Diesel"
 This is My Sugar Baby* (a.k.a. Brick) out in the pasture with my 4 yr old son Bubba who is Autistic. She is always very sweet to him and mindful of where she steps when he's around.
~Ryan Baggett Dietrich
*See Testimonial page
We horsemen live in a little world by ourselves. We live, breathe, and dream horses. We become so wrapped up in horses that we do not understand why everyone cannot understand us.
~P.T. Albert
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Gittins Horses
Sargent Reckless
The little horse that could ...

The story of Reckless is not only remarkable - it is unusual.  And once you learn about her, you will see why the Marine Corps not only fell in love with her - but honored her and promoted her every chance they got.  And it wasn’t just the Marines that served with her in the trenches that honored her - her last promotion to Staff Sergeant was by Gen. Randolph Mc Pate - the Commandant of the entire Marine Corps.  You can’t get higher than that in the Marines.

Reckless joined the Marines to carry ammunition to the front lines for the 75mm Recoilless Rifle Platoon of the 5th Marines - and she quickly earned the love and respect of all of the Marines that served with her.  Lt. Eric Pedersen paid $250 of his own money to a young Korean boy, Kim Huk Moon, for her.  The only reason Kim sold his beloved horse was so he could buy an artificial leg for his older sister, Chung Soon, who lost her leg in a land mine accident. 

Kim’s loss was the Marines’ gain.

It was not only Reckless’ heroics that endeared the Marines to her 
- it was her incredible antics off of the battlefield.  You will not believe
her antics when she was being ignored, or if she was hungry – let’s 
just say you never wanted to leave your food unattended.  As legendary
has she was for her heroics – her appetite became even more
legendary.  This horse had a mind of her own – not to mention, 
being very determined.  

Reckless had a voracious appetite.  She would eat anything and 
everything – but especially scrambled eggs and pancakes in the
 morning with her morning cup of coffee.  She also loved cake, Hershey bars, candy from the C rations, and Coca Cola – even poker chips, blankets and hats when she was being ignored – or if she was trying to just prove a point. 

One of Reckless’ finest hours came during the Battle of Outpost Vegas in March of 1953.  At the time of this battle it was written that, “The savagery of the battle for the so-called Nevada Complex has never been equaled in Marine Corps history.”  This particular battle “was to bring a cannonading and bombing seldom experienced in warfare … twenty-eight tons of bombs and hundreds of the largest shells turned the crest of Vegas into a smoking, death-pocked rubble.”  And Reckless was in the middle of all of it. 

Enemy soldiers could see her as she made her way across the deadly “no man’s land” rice paddies and up the steep 45-degree mountain trails that led to the firing sites.  “It’s difficult to describe the elation and the boost in morale that little white-faced mare gave Marines as she outfoxed the enemy bringing vitally needed ammunition up the mountain,” Sgt. Maj. James E. Bobbitt recalled.

During this five-day battle, on one day alone she made 51 trips from the Ammunition Supply Point to the firing sites, 95% of the time by herself.  She carried 386 rounds of ammunition (over 9,000 pounds – almost FIVE TONS! -- of ammunition), walked over 35 miles through open rice paddies and up steep mountains with enemy fire coming in at the rate of 500 rounds per minute.  And as she so often did, she would carry wounded soldiers down the mountain to safety, unload them, get reloaded with ammo, and off she would go back up to the guns.  She also provided a shield for several Marines who were trapped trying to make their way up to the front line.  Wounded twice, she didn’t let that stop or slow her down. 

What she did in this battle not only earned her the respect of all that served with her, but it got her promoted to Sergeant.  Her heroics defined the word “Marine.”  She was BELOVED by the Marines.  They took care of her better than they took care of themselves – throwing their flak jackets over her to protect her when incoming was heavy, risking their own safety. 

Her Military Decorations include two Purple Hearts, Good Conduct Medal, 
Presidential Unit Citation with star, National Defense Service Medal, Korean 
Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, 
and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, all of which she wore proudly 
on her red and gold blanket, along with a French Fourragere that the 5th 
Marines earned in WW1.

There has never been a horse like Reckless, 
and her story needs to be honored.

She wasn't a horse - She was a Marine!

Please visit the Sgt. Reckless official website at
What Is A Coggins
The Coggins test checks for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) antibodies in the horse's blood. To insure that an animal is not harboring the virus a simple blood test is performed. Blood samples must be sent to a state approved laboratory. The Coggins test (agar immunodiffusion) is a sensitive diagnostic developed by Dr. Leroy Coggins in the 1970's. You need a clean Coggins test for interstate travel, horse shows and events, trail rides, boarding, selling your horse, in office veterinarian care, or anywhere your horse comes in contact with other horses (even at home). Most countries require a negative test result before allowing an imported horse into the country. A Coggins test should be done on an annual basis.

Equine infectious anemia or equine infectious anemia (EIA), also known by horsemen as swamp fever, is a horse disease caused by a retrovirus and transmitted by blood similar to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The virus is endemic in the Americas, parts of Europe, the Middle and Far East, Russia, and South Africa. The virus is a lentivirus. Like HIV, EIA can be transmitted through blood, milk, and body secretions. Contaminated surgical equipment and recycled needles and syringes can transmit the disease. Mares can transmit the disease to their foals via the placenta. The risk of transmitting the disease is greatest when an infected horse is ill, as the 
blood levels of the virus are then highest. If you never 
take your horse/s off your property, have no other 
horse/s coming to visit your property and your horses 
are at least 200 yards from other horse that surround your property you do not have to get a coggins unless those factors change. Plan on at least 3 days before you get the Coggins certificate back from the vet or off the Internet. Your Vet should remind you when it's due like your vaccinations. 
Traditional Coggins Test 
New Picture Coggins Test 
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